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Handmade SUMMERTIME Organic Cotton Wall Hanging

Handmade SUMMERTIME Organic Cotton Wall Hanging

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Step into the vibrant embrace of summertime with our latest collection of seasonal decorations, crafted to infuse your home with the radiant spirit of the season. Embracing the buzzing vitality of bees and the gentle unfurling of blossoms, our creations capture the essence of warm days and blooming gardens in a blend of simplicity and elegance.

A canvas of soft, neutral hues, graced by our signature script dancing amidst the adorable charm of bees and delicate floral motifs. Each stitch tells a story, with rustic edges that echo the raw beauty of nature. Suspended from a sturdy wooden dowel, adorned with whimsical gingham ribbon, it's a piece that beckons to be admired.

Printed on the finest organic cotton, straight from our original designs, every inch exudes quality and care. Measuring approximately 43cm in height and 30cm in width.

Each wall hanging is crafted to order, ensuring that every detail is perfect before it graces your home. So, while the bees hum and the flowers sway, allow us a week to bring this slice of summertime bliss to your doorstep.