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About Goose & Grey and Sarah Burns

I’m Sarah, a mum of two little delights, wife of the ever patient Alex and very proud owner of Goose and Grey.

After having my two children, the idea and dream of starting Goose and Grey became a reality in 2017. I have been self employed since leaving school, working as a professional chalkboard artist for the past 20 years but, have always had a passion for beautiful things and interior design.

I have always been a creative person and as a child I would love nothing better than painting, drawing and presenting things in an eye catching way, always priding myself on the attention to detail that makes things special.

Once I left home and started to decorate my own house, I became very passionate about design, presentation and sourcing beautiful things to feather my nest. I would always have my nose stuck in an interiors mag and more recently the amazing Instagram and Pinterest to gain inspiration and researching the latest trends in Home design. 

The one thing I had found was that we were very short on retail premises in our area where I could find what I was looking for either for my home or to buy as a gift. That was when the first seed was sown. After chatting with a customer who had used me to do his boards in his upholstery business, we came up with a plan to start a very small pop up shop inside his business back in March 2017. From then, I slowly started exploring all the ways I could market Goose and Grey and the unbelievably positive response from Instagram made me realise I had to get G&G online so my followers could easily and efficiently purchase the items that they were commenting on and asking how to buy them.

Out of love (and a lot of passion) I have created this beautiful collection of home accessories which are Danish, French and Country inspired and are all based around a neutral colour palette. 

I really want the essence of Goose and Grey to be the reliable go to store where you can find that perfect something for either yourself or as a gift. It is as simple as that.

I hope that you enjoy browsing the shop as much as I have putting it together and thank you for visiting!

Sarah xx Goose and Grey