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Handmade MEET ME AT THE BEACH Organic Cotton Wall Hanging

Handmade MEET ME AT THE BEACH Organic Cotton Wall Hanging

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Step into the sunny realm of our Summertime Collection, where every piece is a vibrant ode to the season's splendour! As the bees hum their merry tunes, our collection dances with the essence of warm days and the siren call of sandy shores.

Our Meet me at the Beach Wall Hanging is a piece that's crafted to capture the essence of seaside serenity. Picture a backdrop as blue as the ocean itself, adorned with our signature script, kissed by the salty breeze. Each stitch tells a story, each rustic edge whispers of adventures yet to unfold. Suspended from a wooden dowel and adorned with gingham ribbon.

Printed on the softest organic cotton, born from our original designs. It's not just a wall hanging; it's a piece of summertime magic, waiting to infuse your home with coastal charm.

Measuring 26cm high by 20cm wide, it's a petite masterpiece that packs a punch of personality. And because each piece is made to order, it's a promise of exclusivity – a treasure crafted just for you. So, as you bask in the warmth of the sun, let our collection be the beacon that guides you to the heart of summertime bliss.