Medium Hand Painted Galvanised Florists Bucket ‘Tis the Season....’

Medium Hand Painted Galvanised Florists Bucket ‘Tis the Season....’

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Beautiful galvanised florists vase featuring handwritten Christmas script ‘Tis the Season’. Perfect for Scandinavian and Country inspired Christmas interiors. Painted in chippy cranberry red and ‘chippied’ then written in complimenting white writing in our signature style.

Each vase is painted to order and every one is a just a little bit different making them all one off pieces. The patina and chippiness will vary on each vase.

Perfect for displaying Seasonal Foliage and Blooms or even just filled with twigs and fairy lights make a stunning display. 

All Goose and Grey Signs, Buckets and Banners are made to coordinate beautifully with each other, allowing you to create your own personal displays with colours that compliment each other and reflect the season elegantly. 

Please note, the vase is not watertight so use a vessel inside to hold water if using for fresh blooms.

34cm tall x 19cm diameter 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery due to each item being painted individually and to order.