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Hand Painted Original HEART WITH NATURE Board in Apple

Hand Painted Original HEART WITH NATURE Board in Apple

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Step into a world where every stroke of the brush whispers a tale of craftsmanship, where every curve tells a story of passion. Behold our one-of-a-kind original board.

In the vibrant hue of a ripe apple, brushed with the essence of nature's beauty, a delicate quote unfurls its petals.

And there, nestled among the words, a hand-painted bee dances gracefully around a blooming flower, each stroke imbued with the whisper of summer's embrace.

Crafted with tender care and meticulous attention to detail and measuring 30cm high x 15cm, this exquisite board beckons you to embrace the essence of summer and infuse your home with warmth and charm.

Apologies, but these original boards are like rare gems and are not included within any discount codes. They're the unicorns of our inventory, cherished for their uniqueness and exclusivity.