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Hand Painted Original G&T Board in Apple

Hand Painted Original G&T Board in Apple

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Introducing our captivating hand-painted gin and tonic board, adorned in a vibrant apple-colored hue that's as refreshing as the drink itself! This exquisite board isn't just a pretty face—it boasts  whimsical writing design that pays homage to the beloved gin and tonic. Imagine showcasing this gem at your next summer gathering, where it becomes the centerpiece of conversation and conviviality. Or better yet, gifting it to that special someone who shares your passion for the perfect G&T. 

Crafted with tender care and meticulous attention to detail and measuring 42cm high x 15cm, this exquisite board beckons you to embrace the essence of summer and infuse your home with warmth and charm.

Apologies, but these original boards are like rare gems and are not included within any discount codes. They're the unicorns of our inventory, cherished for their uniqueness and exclusivity.